Benefits of AYWIPARTS belts:

  • The same materials and technology are used as those utilized in the manufacture of original parts
  • All the materials undergo constant QA tests for conformance to the requirements of OEM manufacturers.

Timing belts:

T-belts from AYWIparts are designed for a broad range of speeds. A special fibreglass cord makes the belt more flexible thereby preventing it from stretching. The high strength materials used in the pad strengthen the belt protecting it against lubricants and also acting as heat insulation. The precision made teeth insure low noise and reliable contact with the grooves.


Ribbed belts:

The low profile ribbed belt designs from AYWIparts make the belts more flexible, reduce failures and noise. The longitudinal ribs fit tightly into the grooves of the pulley. The high strength polyether cord increases the belt ability to withstand maximum loads. The belt has a protective nylon coating. The fibre reinforced rubber is durable and lubricant resistant.



Thanks to their wedge shape V-belts offer a tighter fit with the pulleys thereby increasing traction. The benefits of modern belt transmissions include the ability to transmit motion across long distances; smooth and noiseless operation, ability to run at high RPMs. The V-belts feature the following working parameters: lubricant-resistance, working temperatures of between -45°С and 90°C.