The company’s long experience in the introduction of high technologies and total quality control in manufacturing are the guarantee of high-quality products.

Air filters

In the process of manufacturing of our air filters we use high-quality filter paper, which perfectly filters the air coming into the engine, which is especially necessary to hold the motor frequency. Due to the high quality of the materials air filters AYWIparts provide terminal resistance to the air flow with permanent filtration quality during the entire operating cycle.

Cabin air filters

Cabin filters AYWIparts prevent from the insertion of harmful substances and keep the air in the vehicle fresh. Particular attention is paid to carbon canisters which contain active carbon and thereby perform increased absorption of harmful substances incoming. This is most important when using a car in the city.

Oil filters

Oil filters AYWIparts provide highly efficient cleaning of engine oil from contaminating impurity with low oil flow resistance, which is especially required for operation in winter, when motor oil has a higher viscosity. All oil filters AYWI are equipped with holdup and anti-drain valves.

Fuel filters

Robust design and high-quality filtering materials of AYWIparts fuel filters can effectively protect the engine from foreign particles and have low fuel flow resistance.

Advantages of the AYWIparts filters:

  • The best motor protection;
  • Durable filtering material of mixed fiber;
  • Extended life without sacrificing quality factor