Щетки стеклоочистителя


The foremost function of the wind-screen wipers in the car is to ensure the cleanliness of the glass in all-weather conditions and in any driving situation. All told, the cleaning operation should be failure-free, good (without stains and spaces) and maximally noiseless. To date, the AYWIparts company offers wireframe and frameless wind-screen wipers, which differ by seasonality, generecity and their functional specifications.

Wireframe wipers

Wireframe wiper is the most commonly spread design of wind-screen wipers. Joint rocker system ensures firm adherence of their rubber edge to the curved surface of the screen. Previously, this construction was completely metal, with metal pins and joints. To date, almost all parts, pins and bushes in the system are made of plastics. Products of this sort are less prone to icing. In warm season there is also a lot to be said for this construction: plastic joints provide more precise connection of the rocker arms, improving their mobility and frame stiffness in cross direction so that the rubber edge better fit the screen.

Frameless wipers

Frameless wind-screen wiper is a rubber-plastic body in the form of a spoiler, which encompasses two thin metal plates made of spring steel; between them a rubber edge is imbedded, which in turn cleans the screen. In the center a plastic mounting bracket is disposed, and at both ends of the wind-screen wiper there are plastic plugs. Construction of this sort has no wear-prone joints, is less susceptible to icing, and has better aerodynamic qualities. With less leverage in the system the windshield finger does not warp and moves more quietly.